Discover the Wang Sui Pick Virtual Exhibition

As social distancing remains commonplace around the world, many people are unable to visit the many incredible cultural venues and exhibitions currently on display. Thankfully, many galleries are utilizing the wonders of modern technology to allow visitors the chance to explore a wide range of exhibits from the comfort of their own home.

The Chinese Calligraphy Society of Singapore has recently launched a new online exhibition dedicated to world-renowned calligrapher Wang Sui Pick. The free online exhibition was launched on December 21st and runs until the 21st of January, allowing fans to get a truly unique insight into this most unique of art forms.

Who Was Wang Sui Pick?

Born in 1904, Wang Sui Pick is one of the most respected and recognized calligraphers in the world. The Singapore-born artisan is renowned for his beautiful finger calligraphy creations, alongside regularly sharing his knowledge and talent through talks and demonstrations at various schools and events.

His interest in finger calligraphy in Cao Shu began while he was in school, and through studious practice, he was able to develop his skills and knowledge. Initially a hobby, Wang dedicated his time to the art form more thoroughly after he retired from teaching in the 1970s.

Holding his first solo exhibition in 1981, Wang’s popularity continued to grow over the following decades, with his work being showcased around the world.

Discover the Wang Sui Pick virtual exhibition

If you are looking to discover more about the expert calligrapher, or his incredible pieces of art, the Wang Sui Pick virtual exhibition lets you explore more about Wang’s unique finger calligraphy and his extraordinary life.

The Wang Sui Pick virtual exhibition runs until January 21st, and visitors can explore his incredible career in a fun and interactive online format. Ready to learn more? View the Wang Sui Pick virtual exhibition now at

wang sui pick virtual exhibition