The future of more immersive and engaging event experiences is clear. Traditional film and video production are being challenged by ever increasing digital video solutions and formats. Digital movie capture devices such as Apple’s iMovie have the ability to deliver a higher quality image and sound, as well as greater interactivity. Video streaming via the internet is becoming commonplace with services such as Netflix. Interactive digital signage, 3D projection technologies, and high resolution screens are providing even more options for event organizers to make their events memorable and exciting.

It is not only about the technology. It is also about how it is used. The future of television may not be quite what you think. Viewers are no longer stuck waiting for the commercial break during primetime. New technologies such as HDTV and ultra-high definition (HD) projection options are allowing audiences to actually see the action in all its glory.

The future of media also means that content can be created interactively. There is a trend for video and podcast creation that allows the audience participation. Interactive elements are also becoming standard with many of these new media platforms. These tools give the viewer the ability to create a social engagement with the media and also to comment on the broadcast.

If you think about this carefully, a lot of the current trends in marketing and advertising are also related to the future of the internet and new forms of interactivity. Social media has exploded into an amazing assortment of new and exciting applications. Companies are experimenting with everything from twitter feeds to Facebook applications to interactive maps. Charities are embracing new ways to engage the audience while still providing an important service. A new development like 360-degree video making may provide the opportunity to get closer to the action and to capture amazing audio, video, and multi-media in a way that was never possible before.

There are going to be new forms of digital media and new trends in advertising and marketing. One thing is for sure. These are going to be very interactive and very interesting. A new form of entertainment will emerge from all of this and it will be interesting to watch and follow.

The future of more immersive and engaging event experiences will be changing and evolving very quickly. We should all be prepared for this. As human beings we have a tendency to want things that are different and new. The old advertising slogans of ‘The customer is always right’ or ‘the customer can make a difference’ are really starting to ring true. The future of more engaging events will change the face of the event industry forever.