Make Your Next Virtual Event Take You Straight to the Future

Life will never be the same again. But it only means that it is going to be much better from now on! While we were slowly and surely going through global digitalization, 2020 has boosted the process, demonstrating to us all the benefits of online presence and endless possibilities of virtual communications.

See it yourself:

  • Virtual events are available to a bigger audience, allowing you to reach out to numerous prospective customers and business partners, no matter the physical borders;
  • By adopting all the best features of physical performance, online events offer a wide variety of visual effects. From now on, you have an endless choice of possibilities to deliver your message, represent the information clearly and most engagingly;
  • With unlimited adjustment possibilities, you may hold the same conference or presentation for various audiences;
  • Online events liberate you from most of the handling costs, security maintenance, rent lots of other contingencies;
  • Held in the virtual space, online events make a significant impact on environmental protection, saving energy, water, reducing CO2 production, inevitably associated with gathering and transportation of many people at the same time and place.


All the mentioned above turns Virtual events from a temporary fix, forced by the Quarantine restrictions, to a prosperous solution that may revolutionize the way we see business, social and cultural events in the future. With the new level of safety, accessibility, and various customizable options, both convenors and attendants undeniably benefit from online events, conferences, and conventions.

The future is here!

Bridging between physical and virtual events, empowerment of communication possibilities, and constant search for innovative timely solutions became the inspiration and framework for eXPerience – a company, which takes communication and collaboration to the next level.

How does it work?

The principle of XR Experience is based on the complementation of traditional offline event features with the endless possibilities of virtual reality. Moreover, this innovative approach works vice versa, allowing a participant to apply all the benefits of physical attendance to the online experience.

Here are a few examples of this innovative approach:

  • Thanks to 3D cameras and sensors, organizers can set an event thoroughly, streaming live feeds and onsite activities. At the same time attendants get a fully-immersive experience being able to travel all over the event site using incorporated 3D models and avatars;
  • While the event gives a sense of real-life experience, the attendants get a chance to visit it any time from any place using their habitual electronic devices;
  • Except for the actual presentation, virtual events allow holding online meetings within the app, provide commercial options for partners and sponsors, and allow immediate and safe online purchase options.


Because Virtual events are not restricted by physical borders and time zones and may be held in various languages simultaneously, they become an innovative communication and collaboration solution regardless of the Quarantine restrictions and safety regulations. It means that this format is quite definite to become a mainstream communication and collaboration feature and the earlier a business will adopt and master it, the more chances it has to establish itself on the forefront of the post-Coronavirus market.

Instead of living in uncertainty and suspending the operation, you have a chance to benefit from the ongoing period and break into the market as an innovative and progressive brand that looks forward to the future with confidence and optimism.

This approach:

  • Helps to keep in touch with existing customers and partners and draw the attention of prosperous ones;
  • Becomes an attractive feature for investors who look for businesses that will become the backbone of the post-Coronavirus economy;
  • Provides an innovative marketing tool and creates bulk of promotional materials that may be remastered and used for future campaigns.


By unifying virtual and real life, eXRperience brings the World back together.


Virtual Exhibition we have done:

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