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About eXRperience

Our modern events have a lot of room to grow. People love the chance to interact in person, but we also need other options for people who are far away and still want to get that same level of interaction.

For us, the answer isn’t to simply replace in-person events. To us, meeting in physical spaces will always have value. In fact, it’s why events that have shifted entirely to video conference calls have not been successful.

With our team’s background in app development, AR, projection mapping, animation and interactive installations, we believe eXRperience is the way to combine our real world and virtual worlds into one interactive event space for all. We are already occupying both spaces in our everyday lives with mobile technology dominating so much of how we spend our days.
Now, the chance to bring that into how we think about event hosting is possible with advanced 3D mapping technology and XR reality.
By recreating physical spaces in a virtual realm, we are literally creating a whole new world. That’s the promise of eXRperience.
Now, it really won’t be different to attend an event in person or virtually. You’ll get the same experience either way.

These are fully immersive events that aren’t constrained by physical spaces because they have the ability to stretch far beyond them.

Nur Akmal


It’s time to add virtual into the equation

No longer will events be limited by geographic location, size or capacity. The possibilities are endless when you combine real-life events with XR tech.

Get more out of your next event

We’re launching eXRperience into the world soon. And you have the chance to be one of the first to partner with us. We’re currently on the lookout for innovative businesses looking to take their events to the next level. With the help of our XR technology, you can merge live and virtual experiences like never before.

Want to learn more about how we can work with your specific event idea? Get in touch with us to test drive our tech with a private demo.

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